Golf Visualization

This particular article is about visualization when playing a game of golf. Visualizing what you would like to do and actually carrying it out are two different things. There are numerous aspects to visualization in golf; lets discuss a few that you should consider.

Visualization is a technique that makes use of mental images to recreate a game situation. By means of visualization a golfer can create mental images of the actions he or she intends to make as well as visualize responses to the other player’s tactics. It establishes imagery into your thought processes to construct an entire scenario in your mind. It can be a powerful technique that can also enhance your practice sessions and simulation exercises. By means of visualization you will get to practice in your mind on your own time.

Numerous great champions have reported that golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.  The actual significance of that statement never appears to have any impact on the majority of golfers that it should.  An element of your improvement plan is to turn into a mental giant.

Teaching yourself to play strategic and mental golf isn’t easy. The techniques are certainly not difficult to perform, nevertheless, mastering the relevant skills requires a significant level of commitment and most are not willing to make the investment. The unfortunate point about this is; most golfers have a higher probability of mastering these skills, which would ultimately result in lower scores, when compared to forever chasing the perfect swing.

Visualization, or Mental Forethought, is crucial not only prior to making a shot while playing golf; it’s also an invaluable factor when practicing the golf motion. PGA Tour Player Johnny Miller, winner of 31 professional tournaments that includes US & British Open Championships, believed that he did his most beneficial practice in his armchair. Jack Nicklaus asserted he “went to the movies” before every shot, even when practicing.

What do these golfers mean by this?

Visualization ought to be done in all phases of the game, such as:

  • Pre-shot planning
  • Pre-shot routine and
  • Post-shot routine, of the mental golf game.

During the pre-shot planning, you can visualize:

  • Your shot
  • The distance
  • The angle
  • The target
  • The ground on which you stand on,
  • And more.

This is the time distractions assault you and this is the time to employ intense focus. Pre-shot visualization is a great time to really let go and feel the shot. This can be a defining moment of your golf shot whether it’s bad or good. During these moments, be sure you stay calm and composed, relaxing your mind and body.

Now educate yourself on the pre-shot routine. This incorporates the mental process of

  • Selecting the type of shot
  • The club and
  • Visualizing the actual shot you intend to hit.
  • It also includes sighting your target and moving into your stance and aiming the club and your body.
  • The final thing the pre-shot routine includes will be the movement of hands and weight shift while you actually get ready to begin your back swing. This usually incorporates a waggle or some sort of forward press.

Constantly acquire an athletic stance before you strike the golf ball. Visualizing your own golf shot is really a mental process; performing it is a physical one. Integrating both can empower you to become very successful on the golf course

To put this in perspective, if your swing is perfect and you don’t have any of the learned skills for playing strategic and mental golf, then your effectiveness as a player is about 40% of your actual potential. Think about this, if Tiger Woods effectiveness as a player was measured on his golf swing alone, without any strategic skills he would also rate about a 40%. The opposite is also true. If his strategic skills were in the high 50s and his swing action was questionable, he would still rate about 80% on the players scale. The minimum level to play on the PGA Tour is above 75

In conclusion

Visualization is an important mental golf technique to master; it can be applied on and off the golf course and has the potential to reduce your scores without seeming to need a great deal of effort. You simply need a little bit of creative thinking and imagination. A significant part of your golf game isn’t only the physical game but the mental as well. A very important principle any golf professional will tell you quite simply have to focus your mind and visualize what you need to do.